Welcome to Workforce Designs, Inc. 



Workforce Designs, Inc., established in July of 2000, is a highly successful performance-driven company whose 2 principal officers have over 45 combined years of workforce development and grants management experience. The company was formed on the belief that a strong partnership between the private & public sector will leverage resources and produce win-win outcomes for all involved. Workforce Designs, Inc. has established contracts with private sector businesses, as well as public sector organizations.  Workforce Designs, Inc. has helped secure over $48 million dollars for its clients (with over a 90% hit rate for funding approval). The company’s success can be attributed largely to the experience gained by the 2 principal officers while they worked in the area of federal funds administration within the public sector. Familiarity of state and federal funding streams and systems, along with a strong network of public contacts, has proven invaluable.




Workforce Designs, Inc. Specializes in the Following Services:


Governmental Grant Research and Grant Writing – accessing outside resources to extend private investments through research, proposal design & development, lobbying, negotiating, etc. Grants awarded to date range from small state-funded workforce & economic development grants, to multi-million dollar US Dept. of Labor grants solicited directly from Washington. To date, the services provided by Workforce Designs, Inc. have helped clients access resources in 19 states across the nation, including: MA, NH, NY, CA, MI, GA, FL, ME, NC, IL, PA, CO, VT, IN, TX, VA, MN, KY, IA & WI.  There are funding sources in all 50 states and Workforce Designs can help your company access it - call us today!



Project Management and Administration overseeing and coordinating the implementation of training programs and grants; customized grant tracking solutions development, project management technical assistance and reporting, interview/assessments, evaluations, training vendor negotiations, contract execution, ensuring customization of training curricula, maximizing in-kind employer investment to leverage public resources, follow-up, etc.  We make the entire grant process easy for you by staying with you throughout the entire implementation period to ensure a successful grant  "closeout."  Our dedication to your project goes far beyond just helping you get "the money", we help you maximize your grant and your desired outcomes which will result in a positive "report card" to set you up for additional grant opportunities.  


Program Design - designing comprehensive training programs & systems to leverage success from all workforce employment & training initiatives.


 Private Industry Consortium Building

  •  developing customized industry specific training programs
  •  maximizing cost effectiveness
  •  leveraging available resources (federal & state)
  •  brokering the appropriate training providers


Partnership Building - maximizing success of all projects.  We spent several years in the public sector and recognize the value of private-public partnerships to both sides.  We create win-win outcomes for our clients, which not only helps them succeed, but also establishes stronger relationships with public sector fund administrators.


Developing and Implementing Requests for Proposal Processes - to solicit training vendor response & competitiveness.